Welcome to onomastics.org, which is a page devoted to digital onomastics, that is, Name Research making use of digital resources for the collection, interpretation and dissemination of onomastic matter.

On this page you will find examples of a variety of display functionalities for names and name related data, such as different kinds of search engines and dynamic maps. 

The data displayed on this page is not necessarily finished or 'publishable' as such and many of the examples are mere 'testers', i.e. datasets submitted to data and usability tests.

The data used on this site is usually 'harvested' from printed works, geocoded - i.e. given exact cartographic references - and fed into a fixed structure, such as SQL or XML.

Since much onomastic data is copyrighted, great care has been taken to only utilise small parts of copyrighted datasets as examples of how such data might look in an online, dynamic and searchable environment.


Onomastics is a branch of Historical Linguistics and is the Latin term for Name Research.

The focus of study is personal names, and place-names, and you will find examples of both on this site.

Other important areas of onomastic research are within the fields of theory and terminology.